High-quality, highly efficient products through high-quality, highly efficient people, systems and practices. That’s how we operate because it’s the best way to operate. Through our AGCO Production System (“APS”) initiative, a product development process we call AGCO Major Product Introduction Procedure (“AMPIP”) and our lean, sustainable working culture, AGCO is better able to deliver the products and services that matter most to today’s farms in a way that makes the most sense and provides the most opportunities for our future.


AGCO delivers smart solutions. A farmer’s work is about productivity. At AGCO, we focus on efficiency across all of our brands in these key ways:

Uptime: Maximizing uptime is key to farmers’ productivity, from machinery to grain storage solutions to network hardware and software. AGCO technologies such as wireless connectivity and diagnostic services help you run a smarter, more profitable enterprise.
Machine Optimization: Automation is a big part of how AGCO delivers exceptional machine optimization. The AGCO automatic guidance system helps farmers do a better, more precise job by minimizing overlap and skip, and reducing time and fuel consumption.
Logistics Management: For big farms working with big data, AGCO logistics management analyzes machine data, including yields and financials, on the farm and in the field to deliver better service and maximize uptime.
Reduced Waste: AGCO is focused on improving farmer livelihood by delivering solutions that minimize waste while maximizing value.


AMPIP is all about increasing our customers’ satisfaction levels through adoption of processes and tools that reduce costs and time to market while similtaneously increasing reliability and quality of all AGCO product lines.


In 2011, AGCO kicked off a comprehensive corporate sustainability initiative and developed a plan to invest in projects and program development in areas that will reduce operating expenses, develop revenue opportunities and better serve our customers..


Our manufacturing team is focused on enhancing the efficiency and productivity of our production facilities by implementing the AGCO Production System (APS), which drives a global approach to continuous improvement in our operations..


We have initiated a more centrally driven global purchasing organization based on a standardized global commodity structure, which combines regional market expertise with global cross-regional guidance. This approach enables us to drive our operations towards continuous improvement in order to optimally manage our global spend and realize the best results for AGCO and our collaborators..


The UK Finance Act 2016 introduced a requirement for all large businesses to publish their annual UK tax strategy. This Tax Strategy Statement United Kingdom document outlines the AGCO UK tax strategy which is guided by our core values that include Accountability, Integrity and Transparency. Click the link to view the entire document..

Better operations in action. 

Through key programs, AGCO is delivering on its operating initiative each and every day. Expand each to read more about it.