Company Overview

We are AGCO GSI, we are proven and dependable. For over 40 years, we have built structures and equipment that stand the test of time; monuments that protect your investment and success. Growing to become the world’s leading manufacturer didn’t happen overnight. It took vision, planning and hard work. Starting from 5000 square feet manufacturing facility in 1972, we now operate in 73 locations globally with total over 4 million square feet space.

As business grows, we never stand still. With continuous acquisition programs, we become bigger and stronger. Now we aspires to be the leading complete integrated system provider in both grain and protein production segments. For the past four decades, we have provided forward-thinking complete integrated solutions for both poultry and swine businesses across the globe. From feed storage and delivery systems, feeding and watering systems, to climate control systems and entire animal farm house, our full-line solutions meet your needs, deliver the results, empower your progress and keep your business moving in the right direction. As your needs grow, we grow with you. In our manufacturing facilities located right here in APAC’s heartland, we build what you need, when you need it, with less complexity and more flexibility to maximize your productivity and profitability.

The only thing stronger than our products is the service and support delivered by our team, who stand behind everything we do. Together with our local hands-on technician team and dealer partners in each region, backed by our engineering know-how and customer support team, we care about your business and our people remain at your side. We are the partner you can trust for quality, dependability and reliability. 

At GSI we do more than manufacturing agriculture products, we provide solutions, we build trust, we build for the future…

Recent GSI Acquisition :-

Tecno Poultry Equipment Spa manufactures poultry cages system to global market for more than 40 years. TECNO offers housing systems for layers, broilers, pullets in different configurations including aviary, colony and A-frame, which are all sturdy and easy to assemble to satisfy all expectations. TECNO is based in Campo San Martino, Italy.

Farmer Automatic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of economic solutions for poultry husbandry. For more than half a century, this long-established company has produced innovative, premium-quality poultry husbandry systems for layers, pullets, and broilers at its headquarters in Laer, Germany.

C-Lines manufacture prefabricated housing systems for livestock projects. Stated in 1999, C-Lines has built total of 4.5 million sqm building area in 65 countries. It developed strong expertise in steel section and sandwich panels, which offer superior durability and strength in any environment. Besides great competitiveness in products, C-Lines offers rapid response and technical solutions, built C-Lines a sounding brand in farm house industry. C-Lines has great advantage and experience in designing and building processing plant, hatchery and slaughter house. C-Lines headquartered at Orleans, France.

Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed and foodstuffs and other bulk products. We offer project design and engineering and process control – as well as the development, manufacturing and service of individual machines, customized systems and turnkey installations.

AgriDry LLC was founded in 2011 by Eli Troyer. In 1986, he designed the AgriDry Bullseye Bin Controller to monitor and control the fans for drying in natural air drying bins as well as to monitor the conditions in the bun during storage. He also designed the AgriDry Bullseye Dryer Controller to control and monitor continuous flow, batch and stage dryers.