Optimal productivity is the most important target for modern livestock farming. And an ideal growing environment provided by structure is the key to achieve that.



We are world leading poultry farming solution provider with over 25 years experience. Incorporated Cumberland, TECNO and Farmer Automatic, we offer top-class poultry



For 27 years, we manufactures a full line of innovative swine equipment, including feeders, watering systems, ventilation and heating equipment, feed storage and delivery,


From feed storage and delivery systems, feeding and watering systems, to climate control systems and entire animal farm house, our full-line solutions


We are AGCO GSI, we are proven and dependable. For over 40 years, we have built structures and equipment that stand the test of time; monuments that protect your investment and success. Growing to become the world’s leading manufacturer didn’t happen overnight. It took vision, planning and hard work. Starting from 5000 square feet manufacturing facility in 1972, we now operate in 73 locations globally with total over 4 million square feet space.

As business grows, we never stand still. With continuous acquisition programs, we become bigger and stronger. Now we aspires to be the leading complete integrated system provider in both grain and protein production segments. For the past four decades, we have provided forward-thinking complete integrated solutions for both poultry and swine businesses across the globe.

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Working at AGCO GSI is more than a job, it’s a career in an industry that makes a difference in the lives of billions of people. That’s right, billions−including you, your family and your friends.

At AGCO GSI, we believe that when our employees succeed, our business succeeds. It’s a people philosophy that we believe and invest in.  We make sure all of our employees – in every function, every geography and at every level – have the tools they need to be successful and take charge of their career. Because when our people grow, our business grows. Every day. Every way.


From the day you decide to join AGCO GSI, we want to engage and excite you. From recruiting to onboarding, we’ll give you the information you need to hit the ground running in your new role.

We’re clear on where we want to go as a business and we trust you to set individual goals that get us there. Connecting employees to company goals empowers our people to imagine what’s next, take action and make a difference.

From online and on-the-job training to networking and special assignments, AGCO’s learning model “Our Way to Grow” uses a variety of methods to help you “know it, share it and experience it.” Whether you want to learn a new skill or you aspire to do something different, we can help you develop the skills you need to take your career and our business to the next level

We help our people achieve true balance — however they define it—by focusing on their professional, financial and personal well-being. Unlimited career opportunities, competitive pay packages, and programs that promote employee health and happiness both respect and reward you for who you are as well as what you deliver.

At AGCO GSI, we help farmers feed the world using less water, less energy and fewer chemicals – and we make those same reductions in our own operations. We’re also educating African farmers so they can take a huge leap towards food security and prosperity through our Future Farm initiative. We hope sharing resources will be good for business, but, more importantly, we know it will be good for the world.


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